Building your desired muscle mass is a long way ahead. Cardio, HIIT, anaerobic; any exercise you’re starting, you’re going to need something that’ll feed you up with energy to perform such workouts. Depending completely on diet alone cannot fulfill your energy and workout goals. If you are in for building new lean and strong muscles along with protecting the hard-earned muscle gains, Get Fit BCAA + EAA + Glutamine is ideal for you. It incorporates three active ingredients; BCAA, EAA, and Glutamine.


Branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) are well known and widely used for decreasing muscle fatigue and soreness after exercise. It stimulates optimal muscle growth by helping your body build lean protein. On the other hand, Essential amino acids (EAA) give power and energy to your body when it is synthesizing muscle protein. It allows your muscles to recover smoothly and increase strength and endurance in athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Glutamine combined with these two can stimulate your immune system, gut function, and recovery timing after an intense workout.

Drinking the Get Fit BCAA + EAA + Glutamine before or after a workout can give you a boost up energy and activeness to perform and recover better. Before workout, this drink will hydrate and prepare your body for intense workout. After workout, it will calm down your nerves and cool down your body’s temperature back to normal.

Moreover, it is induced with an amazing passion fruit flavor (natural and artificially). Now you can give yourself a refreshing tropical party after every workout just with Get Fit BCAA + EAA + Glutamine!

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