GetFit Advance


  • GETFIT ADVANCE: Contains 30 fast absorption Capsules with GUARANA, VITAMIN B12, L-CARNITINE ACETYL, delivers a fast and powerful effect to facilitate fat loss and increase of energy due to its is controlled and sustained release of active components. It works all day, even when you sleep.
  • BENEFITS: Getfit advance improves athletic performance by increasesing your aerobic capacity. It combats exhaustion and is an excellent appetite suppressant.
  • WEIGHT LOSS SUPPLEMENT: GETFIT ADVACED is a Thermogenic Metabolic Activator that promotes fat loss since it contains L-carnitine Acetyl and Vitamin B-12, Guarana and yohimbe extract, these active ingredients help maintain lean body mass, facilitate muscle tone, increase energy and improve mood.
  • DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Take 1 capsule daily, 15 minutes before the first meal of the day.
  • EXCELLENT QUALITY: Made with the highest quality standards in the United States. Its ingredients and method of preparation are inspected by the FDA
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